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You have trouble breathing through the nose, you suffer from allergic rhinitis, perhaps you don’t hear well or have a hoarse voice?

There can be thousands of problems in the head and neck region which can make you seek help of an ENT specialist for yourself or your children.

Your questions will be answered with guaranteed competency, compassion and understanding and quick and efficient treatment will be provided in our modern and well-equipped ENT practice.

Many years of international experience, performing operations all around the world as well as Dr Roje’s scientific career and international reputation combined with highly developed communication skills guarantee successful diagnosis and treatment of children and adults.

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Prof. Željka Roje’s specialist ENT practice is located in Split, 45 Kranjčevićeva Street, in “Splitska kuća zdravlja“ on the first floor.

Private specialist ENT practice Prof. Željka Roje, MD, PhD

Our practice is located in Split, 45 Kranjčevićeva Street, in “Splitska Kuća Zdravlja“ on the first floor. The practice is reachable from the street and through the garage. If you come from the street, the entrance is on the east side of the building, opposite the children’s home Maestral. If you come by car and drive into the garage, park immediately after the second turning on the left where there is a lift which will take you straight to the practice. You will be on the level -2 and have to come to the first floor. If you get to the reception of the hotel Dioklecian, ask the staff to help you. For any further information call us on +385 21 553-022 or +385 91 3648-644





Perhaps you have medical records you do not understand or you need advice or a second opinion – come to consultation.



  • comprehensive ENT examination
  • fiberendoscopy
  • tympanometry, cochleostapedial reflex
  • pure-tone audiometry
  • saccharin test
  • pulse oximetry
  • urgent appointments on working days and at weekends
  • inhalation
  • performing ear, nose and throat swabs
  • consultation
  • allergy consultation




  • comprehensive ENT examination
  • tympanometry
  • fiberendoscopy
  • nose examination
  • pharynx and oral cavity examination
  • ear examination
  • lymph node examination
  • pure tone audiometry (hearing test)
  • balance test
  • nasal irrigation
  • urgent appointments on working days and at weekends
  • pulse oximetry
  • performing ear, nose and throat swabs
  • consultation




Prof Roje was a member of the Executive Committee of the ENT SEction of the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology and anassociate in developing guidelines and conducting research in allergic diseases of upper respiratory tract. In addition to official standpoints and guidelines we also provide information on alternative methods of treatment (phytotherapy, phototherapy).


Rhinolight – an innovative treatment of allergic rhinitis (so-called Biolaser)




Diagnosis and treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea/OSA/




We use Juvederm fillers based on Vycross technology and Vistabel (botox) according to MD CODES treatment models.
By applying the MD CODES (Mauricio de Maio) we acknowledge and respect natural aging process on all facial structures (bone, muscle, subcutaneous fat, fat pads and skin).
For these treatments Juvederm products with Vyocross technology (VOLUMA, VOLIFT and VOLBELLA) are used, and of older products Juvederm UltraSmile for fuller lips and Hydrate for revitalisation of the neck and cleavage.
Juvederm Volite is used for for creating a healthy-looking glow of your face, neck, cleavage and hands.




Prof. Roje is not only a otorhinolaryngologist but also a head and neck surgeon.
In the practice there is a so-called “small OR“ used for performing procedures under local anaesthesia:

  • surgical removal of skin tumors and head and neck moles under a local anaesthetic
  • surgical reduction of snoring under local anaesthesia (coblation, radiofrequency)
  • shrinking of the soft tissue of blocked nasal passages by coblation under local anaesthesia
  • operation of minor oral cavity tumors
  • otoplasty (correction of protruding and drooping ears)
  • non-surgical correction of protruding ears in newborns using ear mouldings
  • surgical treatment of rhinophyma with coblation


Operations under general anaesthesia:


  • tonsillectomy, adeinodectomy with tubes insertion
  • bloodless tonsillectomy with coblation
  • operation of vocal cord polyps
  • biopsy of lymph nodes in the neck
  • neck cyst surgery
  • otoplasty (correction of protruding and drooping ears)


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